ACLU of Georgia

2021 Legislative Scorecard

The ACLU of Georgia envisions a state that guarantees all persons the civil liberties and rights contained in the United States and Georgia Constitutions and Bill of Rights. 

The ACLU of Georgia enhances and defends the civil liberties and rights of all Georgians through legal action, legislative and community advocacy, and civic education and engagement. We are an inclusive, nonpartisan, statewide organization powered by our members, donors and active volunteers. 

Throughout the 2021 legislative session, legislators introduced a multitude of bills that impacted Georgians’ civil rights and civil liberties.

To learn more about the bills in each category, explore the links below:
Voter Rights
First Amendment
Criminal Justice/Police Reform
LGBTQ+ Rights

Universal voting is the foundation of democracy and fundamental endorsement of equality. The ACLU has a long history of fighting for voter rights in Georgia and was instrumental in the implementation of the Voting Rights Act from the 1960s on. Despite these efforts, the legacy of white primaries, gerrymandering, and an array of voter suppression tactics continues to concentrate political power in Georgia to protect discriminatory economic, social, and patriarchal interests. This has promoted the deliberate refusal to honor civil liberties and constitutional rights in Georgia. 

Georgia is also the home of the civil rights movement and the braintrust that brought about Federal Voting Rights legislation. In 2018 and again in 2020, community leaders and coalition partners mobilized voter engagement and participation. “Georgia’s civic culture is strong and vibrant. After three recounts and an audit there can be no doubt that election officials and the ordinary citizens who worked the polls and counted (and re-counted) 5 million votes were diligent and handled their responsibility with care and seriousness,” said Andrea Young, executive director of the ACLU of Georgia. “Georgia’s election system works and vote-by-mail is a vital part of that system embraced by 1.3 million of our citizens. Vote-by-mail works in Georgia and access to mail in voting must be protected for all eligible voters.”

Yet, following the 2020 Georgia voter mobilization success, lawmakers introduced bills to make voting more burdensome and less accessible particularly for low-income residents and citizens who are Black, Hispanic, or Asian. 

Members of the legislature cited unsubstantiated and evidence-free claims regarding Georgia elections and referred to undermined public confidence in the elections system. 

The continuing influence of the efforts to undermine confidence in Georgia’s elections , despite assurances from the Secretary of State, resulted in many provisions of bills that did not pass– showing up in a revised form in  SB 202. 

The ACLU of Georgia worked tirelessly to defeat these anti-voter bills that violate Georgian citizens’ civil rights and civil liberties. Due to these efforts, we were successful in stopping and/or amending a variety of anti-civil liberties and anti-civil rights bills throughout the 2021 legislative session.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia state legislative scorecard evaluated votes by members of the Georgia General Assembly on key bills affecting civil liberties and civil rights during the 2021 Legislative Session. The ACLU of Georgia analyzed 26 bills concerning voter rights, criminal legal reform, First Amendment rights, and LGBTQ+ rights. We took a position on every piece of legislation covered by this scorecard. 

The goal of this scorecard is to hold legislators accountable and to provide a resource to members of the public. The ACLU of Georgia scorecard gives each state legislator an overall percentage number representing how their votes align with ACLU positions and values.

The ACLU of Georgia evaluated votes on 26 bills during the 2021 legislative session. Excused absences at the time of a vote were excluded from the scoring. Choosing not to vote on a bill was included into the scoring. 

House Members

Representative NameVoter RightsFirst AmendmentCriminal Legal/ Police ReformLGBTQ+ Rights
Rep. Kimberly Alexander (D-66)100%0%100%-
Rep. Erick Allen (D-40)100%0%100%-
Rep. Victor Anderson (R-10)0%0%50%-
Rep. Teri Anulewicz (D-42)100%0%100%-
Rep. Mandi Ballinger (R-23)0%0%50%-
Rep. Timothy Barr (R-103)0%0%0%-
Rep. Matt Barton (R-5)0%0%0%-
Rep. Debra Bazemore (D-63)100%0%0%-
Rep. Dave Belton (R-112)0%0%50%-
Rep. Karen Bennett (D-94)100%0%100%-
Rep. Patty Bentley (D-139)100%0%75%-
Rep. Tommy Benton (R-31)0%0%50%-
Rep. James Beverly (D-143)100%0%100%-
Rep. Shaw Blackmon (R-146)0%0%50%-
Rep. William Boddie (D-62)100%0%100%-
Rep. Josh Bonner (R-72)0%0%50%-
Rep. Roger Bruce (D-61)100%0%100%-
Rep. Debbie Buckner (D-137)100%0%100%-
Rep. James Burchett (R-176)0%0%50%-
Rep. Rhonda Burnough (D-77)100%0%100%-
Rep. Jon Burns (R-159)0%0%50%-
Rep. Charlice Byrd (R-20)0%0%0%-
Rep. Mike Cameron (R-1)0%0%50%-
Rep. Beth Camp (R-131)0%0%50%-
Rep. Joe Campbell (R-171)0%0%50%-
Rep. Park Cannon (D-58)100%0%100%-
Rep. Wes Cantrell (R-22)0%0%50%-
Rep. Kasey Carpenter (R-4)0%0%50%-
Rep. John Carson (R-46)0%0%50%-
Rep. Doreen Carter (D-92)100%0%100%-
Rep. Mike Cheokas (R-138)0%0%50%-
Rep. David Clark (R-98)0%0%50%-
Rep. Heath Clark (R-147)0%0%75%-
Rep. Jasmine Clark (D-108)100%0%67%-
Rep. J Collins (R-68)0%0%50%-
Rep. Sharon Cooper (R-43)0%0%50%-
Rep. John Corbett (R-174)0%0%33%-
Rep. Clint Crowe (R-110)0%0%50%-
Rep. Viola Davis (D-87)100%0%100%-
Rep. Buddy DeLoach (R-167)0%0%50%-
Rep. Katie Dempsey (R-13)0%0%50%-
Rep. Robert Dickey (R-140)0%0%50%-
Rep. Matt Dollar (R-45)0%0%50%-
Rep. Demetrius Douglas (D-78)100%0%100%-
Rep. Karla Drenner (D-85)100%0%100%-
Rep. David Dreyer (D-59)100%0%100%-
Rep. Matt Dubnik (R-29)0%0%33%-
Rep. Winfred Dukes (D-154)100%0%100%-
Rep. Emory Dunahoo (R-30)0%0%50%-
Rep. Chuck Efstration (R-104)0%0%50%-
Rep. Ginny Ehrhart (R-36)0%0%50%0%
Rep. Terry England (R-116)0%0%50%-
Rep. Chris Erwin (R-28)0%0%50%-
Rep. Becky Evans (D-83)100%0%100%-
Rep. Stacey Evans (D-57)67%0%100%-
Rep. Barry Fleming (R-121)0%0%50%-
Rep. Gloria Frazier (D-126)100%0%100%-
Rep. Spencer Frye (D-118)100%0%100%-
Rep. Houston Gaines (R-117)0%0%100%-
Rep. Matthew Gambill (R-15)0%0%50%-
Rep. Carl Gilliard (D-162)100%0%100%-
Rep. Sheri Gilligan (R-24)0%0%50%-
Rep. Mike Glanton (D-75)100%0%100%-
Rep. Micah Gravley (R-67)0%0%50%-
Rep. Gerald Greene (R-151)0%0%50%-
Rep. Joseph Gullett (R-19)0%0%50%-
Rep. Stan Gunter (R-8)0%0%50%-
Rep. Matt Hatchett (R-150)0%0%50%-
Rep. Lee Hawkins (R-27)0%0%50%-
Rep. Sharon Henderson (D-113)100%0%100%-
Rep. Dewayne Hill (R-3)0%0%50%-
Rep. Bill Hitchens (R-161)0%0%50%-
Rep. Don Hogan (R-179)0%0%50%-
Rep. Scott Holcomb (D-81)100%0%100%-
Rep. Betsy Holland (D-54)100%0%100%-
Rep. El-Mahdi Holly (D-111)100%0%100%-
Rep. Susan Holmes (R-129)0%0%100%-
Rep. CaMia Hopson (D-153)100%0%100%-
Rep. Penny Houston (R-170)0%0%50%-
Rep. Henry "Wayne" Howard (D-124)100%0%100%-
Rep. Carolyn Hugley (D-136)100%0%100%-
Rep. Shelly Hutchinson (D-107)100%0%100%-
Rep. Derrick Jackson (D-64)100%0%100%-
Rep. Mack Jackson (D-128)100%0%100%-
Rep. Rick Jasperse (R-11)0%0%25%0%
Rep. David Jenkins (R-132)0%0%50%-
Rep. Jan Jones (R-47)0%0%33%-
Rep. Sheila Jones (D-53)0%0%67%-
Rep. Todd Jones (R-25)100%0%100%-
Rep. Angelika Kausche (D-50)100%0%100%-
Rep. Trey Kelley (R-16)0%0%50%-
Rep. Dar'shun Kendrick (D-93)100%0%100%-
Rep. Gregg Kennard (D-102)100%0%100%-
Rep. Tommy Kirby (R-114)0%0%50%-
Rep. David Knight (R-130)0%0%50%-
Rep. John LaHood (R-175)0%0%50%-
Rep. Dominic LaRiccia (R-169)0%0%50%-
Rep. Rob Levertt (R-33)0%0%33%-
Rep. Regina Lewis-ward (D-109)100%0%100%-
Rep. Marvin Lim (D-99)100%0%100%-
Rep. Zulma Lopez (D-86)100%0%100%-
Rep. Jodi Lott (R-122)0%0%50%-
Rep. Eddie Lumsden (R-12)0%0%50%-
Rep. Mesha Mainor (D-56)100%0%75%-
Rep. Derek Mallow (D-163)100%0%100%-
Rep. Pedro "Pete" Marin (D-96)100%0%100%-
Rep. Chuck Martin (R-49)0%0%50%-
Rep. Karen Mathiak (R-73)0%0%50%-
Rep. Danny Mathis (R-144)0%0%50%-
Rep. Dewey McClain (D-100)100%0%100%-
Rep. Lauren McDonald (R-26)0%0%25%-
Rep. Josh McLaurin (D-51)100%0%100%-
Rep. Donna McLeod (D-105)100%0%100%-
Rep. Steven Meeks (R-178)100%0%50%-
Rep. Marie Metze (D-55)100%0%100%-
Rep. Billy Mitchell (D-88)100%0%100%-
Rep. Rebecca Mitchell (D-106)100%0%100%-
Rep. Martin Momtahan (R-17)0%0%50%-
Rep. Angela Moore (D-90)0%0%100%-
Rep. Beth Moore (D-95)0%0%100%-
Rep. Greg Morris (R-156)0%0%50%-
Rep. Yasmin Neal (D-74)0%0%100%-
Rep. Sheila Nelson (D-125)0%0%100%-
Rep. Mark Newton (R-123)0%0%50%-
Rep. Bee Nguyen (D-89)0%0%100%-
Rep. Randy Nix (R-69)0%0%50%-
Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver (D-82)0%0%100%-
Rep. Miriam Paris (D-142)0%0%100%-
Rep. Sam Park (D-101)0%0%100%-
Rep. Butch Parrish (R-158)0%0%50%-
Rep. Don Parsons (R-44)0%0%50%-
Rep. Jesse Petrea (R-166)0%0%25%-
Rep. Clay Pirkle (R-155)0%0%50%-
Rep. Alan Powell (R-32)0%0%50%-
Rep. Brian Prince (D-127)0%0%100%-
Rep. Robert Pruitt (R-149)0%0%50%-
Rep. David Ralston (R-7)0%0%0%-
Rep. Bert Reeves (R-34)0%0%50%-
Rep. Trey Rhodes (R-120)0%0%50%-
Rep. Bonnie Rich (R-97)0%0%50%-
Rep. Jason Ridley (R-6)0%0%50%0%
Rep. Shea Roberts (D-52)0%0%100%-
Rep. Mary Robichaux (D-48)0%0%100%-
Rep. Steven Sainz (R-180)0%0%0%-
Rep. Kim Schofield (D-60)0%0%100%-
Rep. Mitchell Scoggins (R-14)0%0%50%-
Rep. Sandra Scott (D-76)0%0%100%-
Rep. Ed Setzler (R-35)0%0%100%-
Rep. Renitta Shannon (D-84)0%0%100%-
Rep. Dexter Sharper (D-177)0%0%100%-
Rep. Philip Singleton (R-71)0%0%50%-
Rep. Lynn Smith (R-70)0%0%50%-
Rep. Michael Smith (D-41)0%0%100%-
Rep. Richard Smith (R-134)0%0%50%-
Rep. Tyler Paul Smith (R-18)0%0%50%-
Rep. Vance Smith (R-133)0%0%50%-
Rep. Calvin Smyre (D-135)0%0%100%-
Rep. Mickey Stephens (D-165)0%0%50%-
Rep. Ron Stephens (R-164)0%0%100%-
Rep. Jan Tankersley (R-160)0%0%0%-
Rep. Steve Tarvin (R-2)0%0%50%0%
Rep. Darlene Taylor (R-173)100%0%100%-
Rep. Rhonda Taylor (D-91)0%0%50%-
Rep. Brad Thomas (R-21)0%0%50%-
Rep. Erica Thomas (D-39)100%0%100%-
Rep. Mandisha Thomas (D-65)100%0%100%-
Rep. Will Wade (R-9)0%0%50%-
Rep. Dale Washburn (R-141)0%0%50%-
Rep. Same Watson (R-172)0%0%50%-
Rep. Bill Wekheiser (R-157)0%0%50%-
Rep. Marcus Wiedower (R-119)0%0%50%-
Rep. Mike Wilensky (D-79)100%0%100%-
Rep. David Wilkerson (D-38)100%0%100%-
Rep. Al Williams (D-168)100%0%100%-
Rep. Mary Frances Williams (D-37)0%0%50%-
Rep. Rick Williams (R-145)67%0%100%0%
Rep. Noel Williams Jr. (R-148)0%0%50%-
Rep. Bruce Williamson (R-115)0%0%50%-
Rep. Matthew Wilson (D-80)100%0%75%-
Rep. Bill Yearta (R-152)0%0%50%-

Senate Members

State Senate Member NameVoting RightsFirst AmendmentCriminal Justice/Police ReformLGBTQ+Rights
Rep. John Albers (R-56)17%0%50%-
Rep. Jason Anavitarte (R-31)11%0%50%-
Rep. Lee Anderson (R-24)10%0%50%0%
Rep. Tonya Anderson (D-43)100%100%100%-
Rep. Michelle Au (D-48)100%100%100%-
Rep. Brandon Beach (R-21)11%0%50%-
Rep. Matt Brass (R-28)13%0%50%0%
Rep. Dean Burke (R-11)13%0%67%-
Rep. Max Burns (R-23)11%0%50%-
Rep. Gloria Butler (D-55)100%100%100%-
Rep. Bill Cowsert (R-46)14%0%67%-
Rep. Gail Davenport (D-44)83%100%100%-
Rep. Clint Dixon (R-45)17%0%67%0%
Rep. Greg Dolezal (R-27)13%0%75%-
Rep. Mike Dugan (R-30)11%0%50%-
Rep. Frank Ginn (R-47)13%0%75%0%
Rep. Steve Gooch (R-51)10%0%67%0%
Rep. Russ Goodman (R-8)17%0%50%-
Rep. Sonya Halpern (D-39)100%100%100%-
Rep. Marty Harbin (R-16)10%0%75%0%
Rep. Ed Harbison (D-15)100%50%75%-
Rep. Tyler Harper (R-7)10%0%67%-
Rep. Sally Harrell (D-40)67%100%100%-
Rep. Bo Hatchett (R-50)17%0%67%0%
Rep. Billy Hickman (R-4)8%0%67%0%
Rep. Chuck Hufsteler (R-52)17%50%67%-
Rep. Kim Jackson (D-41)100%100%100%-
Rep. Lester Jackson (D-2)100%50%100%-
Rep. Donzella James (D-35)0%0%--
Rep. Burt Jones (R-25)75%0%100%0%
Rep. Emanuel Jones (D-10)17%50%50%-
Rep. Harold Jones II (D-22)67%100%--
Rep. Jennifer Jordan (D-6)100%100%--
Rep. John Kennedy (R-18)14%0%--
Rep. Kay Kirkpatrick (R-32)17%0%--
Rep. David Lucas (D-26)100%100%--
Rep. Sheila McNeill (R-3)9%0%--
Rep. Nikki Merritt (D-9)100%100%--
Rep. Butch Miller (R-49)9%0%--
Rep. Jeff Mullis (R-53)8%0%-0%
Rep. Nan Orrock (D-36)83%100%--
Rep. Elena Parent (D-42)100%100%--
Rep. Chuck Payne (R-54)13%0%-0%
Rep. Sheikh Rahman (D-5)100%100%--
Rep. Michael Rhett (D-33)80%100%--
Rep. Randy Robertson (R-29)11%0%-0%
Rep. Valencia Seay (D-34)100%100%--
Rep. Freddie Sims (D-12)100%100%--
Rep. Brian Strickland (R-17)20%0%--
Rep. Carden Summers (R-13)14%0%-0%
Rep. Horacena Tate (D-38)0%0%--
Rep. Bruce Thompson (R-14)8%0%-0%
Rep. Blake Tillery (R-19)17%0%--
Rep. Lindsey Tippins (R-37)14%0%-0%
Rep. Larry Walker (R-20)0%0%-0%
Rep. Ben Watson (R-1)14%0%--