ACLU of Georgia

ACLU Asks Cobb Commissioners to Cut Funding for Sheriff, Detention Center

By Aleks Gilbert | Marietta Daily Journal | December 17, 2019 

MARIETTA — The American Civil Liberties Union took its fight with Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren to the county’s governing board Monday night.

Speaking at the Board of Commissioners’ final general-purpose meeting of 2019, Chris Bruce, political director for the ACLU of Georgia, said the Cobb County Adult Detention Center — which the sheriff oversees — “is in deplorable shape and is an unfit area for people to stay.”

Since December 2018, seven people have died after they were taken to the detention center, something Warren has attributed to some of those individuals’ preexisting medical conditions.

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ACLU-GA policy director Christopher Bruce tesitfying.

Chris Bruce, political director of the ACLU of Georgia, called on Cobb Commissioners to establish a “citizen’s review board” with oversight of the Cobb County Adult Detention Center.