ACLU of Georgia

Andrea Young speaks on MLK’s legacy, fighting for democracy on CNN Newsroom

    by Jerzy Shedlock

On Sunday, ACLU of Georgia Executive Director Andrea Young was invited to speak on CNN Newsroom and discuss the lasting legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Her interview was part of CNN’s coverage of President Joe Biden’s visit to Atlanta and Ebenezer Baptist Church for King’s annual service. 

Young touched on continuing King’s work of nonviolent social change, reinvigorating Georgians to keep up the fight for equity, and efforts to mitigate the harm caused by attacks on our voting rights. 

“We’re seeing a continuing struggle to sustain our voting rights and our access to the ballot. It’s a resistance to a mutli-cultural democracy, which is what we began to have with the passage of the Votings Rights Act … As Dr. King said, we are in a struggle for the very soul of America. Will we live up to the true meaning of its creed that all people are created equal, or will we go backwards? We are at a pivotal point in time,” Young told news anchor Fredricka Whitfield. 

Jerzy Shedlock (he/him) is a communications strategist at the ACLU of Georgia