ACLU of Georgia

Dear Friends, 

When voters were purged from the rolls, we filed lawsuits to restore them. When absentee ballots were rejected for perceived signature mismatch, yes, we filed. When counties attempted to move or close precincts to communities of color, we interceded.  

We held town halls, took out ads, and phone banked to help voters understand when, where and how to vote. We encouraged very young voters to show up, especially people of color.

We advocated for absentee ballots to be mailed to all voters to protect them at the start of the pandemic and recruited 2,700 poll workers and deputy registrars when the pandemic kept worried election staff away.  

We were part of a movement that got 5 million voters out in 2020 and saw civil liberties champions elected in county, state, and federal contests.  

And then we watched as the Georgia legislature attempted to dismantle the framework for free, fair and accessible elections, and follow up by drawing new district lines that water down the voting strength of Georgia citizens who are Black or from other communities of color. 

But we won’t let that stand.

First, we’ll continue to work for fair district maps that reflect Georgia’s growth and the diversity of the population. 

Then, we’re doubling down to provide at least 3,000 poll workers for the election cycle that begins in the spring of 2022. And we’ll be making sure voters know how to navigate the changes brought about by SB 202, Georgia’s new and repressive voting law. Such as – what precinct, when, what hours? How will absentee voting work? Are the candidates standing for our civil liberties?

We’re doing it all again, and we’re doing it with greater experience, more innovations, and a volunteer corps that is returning with civic pride and commitment.

We’ll be focused on the statewide races, of course. We want a governor for whom our civil liberties are paramount. And a U.S. Senator. But we also want state legislators in the House and Senate who are the choice of the voters, not ones who’ve decided they should pick their voters.  

Remember, the 2019 abortion ban passed by 2 votes.

We’ve already started and it will be hard work all the way through 2022.  

And we can’t do it without your support. The 2020 election was honest and fair because you stood up for democracy.  

Well, democracy needs you now.  It’s urgent and I am asking for your gift today.

Thank you for all your support to the ACLU of Georgia and to our state and for your commitment to democracy. We’re deeply grateful.

For democracy, and for justice.

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