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ACLU of GA Priority Bills to Watch in the 2022 Legislative Session

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These are the statuses of the bills following Sine Die, the last day of the legislative session. To become a law, the governor must sign it. To learn more about the legislative process, click here.

Bill Number



Prevents creation of explicit “free speech zones” at public higher education institutions

3/4/22 Passed House 93-62; 4/4/22 Passed Senate

Anti-protest bill

3/15/22 Passed Senate 31-21 by substitute; 3/17/22 House Second Readers

School library censorship bill

3/8/21 Passed Senate; 3/25/22 Passed House

Prohibits mandating of Covid-19 vaccine passports

3/4/22 Passed Senate; 3/29/22 Passed House

Classroom Censorship: Adopts definitions of "divisive concepts" including race, skin color, and ethnicity and "racial scapegoating/stereotyping" as prohibited speech relating to education and state government. Being referred to as the “governor’s bill”

3/11/22 Passed Senate 32-20 by substitute; 3/16/22 House Second Readers

Gives GBI original jurisdiction over election crimes

3/8/22 Passed Senate; 4/4/22 Passed House

Bans trans students from participating in school sports

2/24/22 Passed Senate 34-22, 3/1/22 House Second Readers

Parental Bill of Rights

2/22/22 Passed Senate 33-21; 2/28/22 House Second Readers

Providing limits for abortion-inducing drugs

3/1/22 Passed Senate 31-22; 4/1/22 Passed House Health and Human Services Committee

Mandates cash bail for all felony offenses

3/15/22 Passed Senate 30-22; 4/1/22 Passed House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee

Unmask Georgia Students Act: bans creation or enforcement of mask requirements

3/1/22 Passed Senate; 3/25/22 Passed House

Mental Health Parity Act

3/8/22 Passed House; 3/30/22 Passed the Senate unanimously 166-0.

Classroom censorship

3/4/22 Passed House; 4/1/22 Passed Senate by Substitute; 4/4/22 House Agreed to Senate substitute as amended; 4/4/22 Senate agreed to House amendment

Georgia Women’s CARE Act

2/22/22 Passed House; 3/29/22 Passed the Senate Judiciary committee by Substitute

Parental Bill of Rights. Being referred to as the “governor’s bill”

3/4/22 Passed House; 4/1/22 Passed Senate

Student Technology Protection Act

2/24/22 Passed House 131-26; 3/29/22 Passed Senate Committee

Providing for the definition of antisemitism

2/28/22 Passed House 141-19; 3/29/22 Passed the Senate Judiciary committee

Workplace protection against sex discriminations

3/15/22 Passed House 172-0; 4/4/22 Passed Senate

Elections Frankenbill

3/15/22 Passed House 98-73 by substitute; 3/29/22 Passed Senate Ethics Committee