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Classroom Censorship

April 4 was the final day of the Georgia Assembly legislative session. The staff of the ACLU of Georgia was tireless and strategic in their fight to protect our civil rights and civil liberties every day of the session. Working with allies, we were able to lessen the damage to civil liberties that many pieces of legislation intended.

The good news is that for the fifth time, we were able to defeat an anti-protest bill that would have punished protesters and cities that respected First Amendment Rights.

Unfortunately, late in the evening, the Governor came to the House Chamber to lobby for a stalled classroom censorship bill and a ban on trans kids in sports. As the clock ticked past midnight, a bill combining both passed the General Assembly.

What Can You Do?

We need YOU to voice your opposition to HB 1084.

Classroom Censorship Bill (HB 1084)
This legislation aims to prevent the use of and reliance on a curriculum that teaches “certain concepts on race”. Our students should be able to learn about race and racism, in the same way, they learn about math and science as accurately as possible. This legislation puts politicians between students and their teachers. 

In addition, a last-minute amendment to HB 1084 empowers athletic associations to exclude trans kids from sports.

Contact Governor Kemp and urge him to veto HB 1084.

Testimonies on Classroom Censorship Bills from ACLU of Georgia

The staff of the ACLU of Georgia has been at the Capitol testifying against the following bills, presenting analysis of the Constitutional flaws, and advising legislators. For more information on the ACLU of Georgia’s legislative work, click here.

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