ACLU of Georgia

Closer Look: ACLU Response to Randolph County Proposal to Close Polling Places; Health Insurers Using Data Brokers; and More

By Emilia Brock | WABE | August 15, 2018

Sean Young and Andrea Young being interviewed by WABE
Sean Young, Legal Director for the ACLU of Georgia, and Andrea Young, Executive Director for the ACLU of Georgia, talk about the ACLU’s response to the Randolph County’s proposal to close polling places.

The ACLU of Georgia is demanding that the election board in Randolph County, in the southwest corner of the state, reject a proposal to close seven out of nine polling places just before the November elections. The county is predominantly African-American, and the ACLU says that the proposal is discriminatory, unjustifiable, and violates the Voting Rights Act of 1965. We’re joined by two representatives from the ACLU of Georgia, Executive Director Andrea Young and Legal Director Sean Young.