ACLU of Georgia

Criminal Justice and COVID: Two Realities Within the Same System

By Jill Wener, MD | May 12, 2020 

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“It’s as simple as innocent vs guilty, right? Not so much. During COVID, the inherently racist policies in the criminal justice system are causing more people of color to get sick and die from the disease… all because they are unfairly incarcerated at much higher rates, in already over-crowded jails and prisons.

In this series on healthcare and social disparities and COVID, Dr. Jill Wener, a board-certified Internal Medicine specialist, meditation expert, and tapping practitioner, interviews experts in multiple fields relating to social justice about how coronavirus has disproportionately affected minorities.

In this video, Jill interviews Kosha Tucker, a staff attorney at the ACLU of Georgia. Kosha shares how her childhood experiences informed the work she does now, what the ACLU is currently doing to fight for the rights of incarcerated people (before and during COVID), and the importance of RE-humanizing people often seen as ‘other’ in a systemically racist society.”