ACLU of Georgia

Sherry Frank

Sherry Frank’s commitment to social justice is rooted in a strong sense of right and wrong learned at a very early age, in a family committed to social justice. Her lifelong community activist, rooted in her Jewish faith, embraces intergroup relations. Sherry helped start both the Atlanta Black-Jewish Coalition and the Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta, and led interfaith trips to Israel. For 25 years, she served as the Southeast Area Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee. She maintains her interest in the arts, as a founder of the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, where she still serves on the board.

Sherry’s interests and influence continue to create community are global in the truest sense.  As a feminist and a leader on women’s rights, she campaigned for the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s and 1980s. She continues her long service on women’s issues on the national and local boards of the National Council of Jewish Women. She brought together the ACLU of Georgia and the NCJW when the reproductive freedom of women in Georgia was at risk, as the Georgia legislature passed an abortion ban in 2019 that we were successful in overturning.

As a mentor, she has guided many women in their professional and civic engagement.  As a civic activist, she continues her advocacy and her engagement in state and local politics. 

Community has many forms for Sherry Frank, and she continues to nurture all of them. She both creates and improves institutions and makes them better.