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David Cole Inspires at ACLU of Georgia Annual Meeting


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“The most important site of resistance in unified government is civil society and organizations like the ACLU.” – David Cole, ACLU National Legal Director


The ACLU of Georgia held an inspiring Annual Meeting on Saturday, June 17, 2017 at Greystone Piedmont Park, Atlanta.  ACLU of Georgia Board President Gail Podolsky and Executive Director Andrea Young shared encouraging words with over 100 supporters and activists about the promising growth and progress of the ACLU of Georgia.


Our keynote speaker, ACLU National Legal Director David Cole, motivated supporters through his powerful speech, highlighting the importance of nearly 100 years of ACLU’s civil liberties and justice work.

Standing ovation at annual meeting

In addition to hearing from David Cole, our members welcomed new additions and current officers to our 2017 Board of Directors:


Gail Podolsky, President

Jeff Willard, Vice President

Wayne Chelikowsky, Secretary

Jack Kennedy, Treasurer and National Board Representative

Bridgett E. Ortega, Affiliate Equity Officer

Chad Brock

Randy Butterfield

Barbara Latimer Jennings

Harry Floyd Taylor

Dan Vargas

Melissa Altman

Kim Ferrari

Russell Gabriel

Graydon Gordian

Natalie Keng

Michelle Walsh

Andrea Young with ACLU-GA board members at annual meeting.

Andrea Young, Board Chair Gail Podolsky and David Cole with ACLU of Georgia 2017 Board of Directors

View an album of photos from the Annual Meeting on Flickr.