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Decision on Georgia’s Heartbeat Law could come as early as mid-July

Richard Elliot | WSB-TV | June 28, 2022

Georgia politicians weigh in on Heartbeat Abortion Bill. Georgia’s Heartbeat Abortion Bill will be a major talking point for Georgia politicians ahead of November’s election. — Just days after Roe v. Wade was overturned, abortion is already one of the hot-button issues Georgia voters will be thinking of come November elections.


Channel 2′s Richard Elliot was in downtown Atlanta on Tuesday, where the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals sent both Democrats and Republicans briefs regarding the Georgia LIFE Act, better known as the Heartbeat Abortion Law.


Kemp says he’s more interested in getting the law through the appeals court than in calling a special session of the legislature to address adding to it, as some pro-life groups have called for.


The bill, initially signed by Governor Brian Kemp in 2019, essentially bans abortion at six weeks. It also allows parents to claim unborn children/fetuses as dependents on their taxes and allows mothers of unborn children/fetuses to collect child support from fathers.


Although Kemp signed the bill, the ACLU of Georgia challenged it in federal court and won. A district court judge then ruled the law was unconstitutional under Roe v. Wade.


“We are focusing on ensuring that our existing law, the Georgia LIFE act to fully protect the unborn is fully implemented.” Brian Kemp’s office said in a Monday press release.


Democratic Congresswoman Nikema Williams said that abortion will be a constant talking point for the party in the months leading up to the election.


“Georgians will be talking to voters every day about the GOP’s dangerous, out of touch, anti-choice agenda, all through election day,” Williams said.


Candidates in one of the biggest November election races in Georgia, Republican Herschel Walker and Democrat Raphael Warnock, have both been consistent with toeing the party line.


“There are no exceptions in my mind. I believe in life,” Walker said in May.


Warnock, his opponent in November’s Georgia Senate race, said the overturning of the bill was a “departure from our American ideals.”


“This misguided decision is devastating for women and families in Georgia and nationwide,” Warnock said.


A decision is expected by mid to late July, according to Channel 2. Supreme Court could overturn gay rights rulings after abortion decision, local attorneys say.