ACLU of Georgia

Georgia bill proposing to ban free speech zones at colleges moves forward

Hayley Mason | CBS46 | March 25, 2022

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) – Protests on college campuses could be changing if a bill banning ‘free speech zones’ keeps moving forward.

Opponents argue it put college students in the cross hairs of dangerous protest groups who come to their campuses.

We visited some local campuses lately at least one has a posted free speech zone–a designated area where students or protestors can demonstrate safely.

This bill would do away with Georgia’s public colleges’ ability to confine protests to those zones and allow protests to continue across the campus.

The bill allows students to invite guest or guest speakers who can speak on controversial topics.

It would limit counter protests and allow law enforcement to step in if protests have loud or sustained noise in response.

The bill passed the House and is in Senate committee being debated within the last half hour. The bill’s sponsor spoke about the bill and the ACLU and Georgia Baptist Convention Board spoke about their stance on the bill along with other groups.