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HB 59 – Ranked choice voting and runoff timeline bill

HB 59 – Ranked choice voting and runoff timeline bill

Sponsored by: Rep. Wes Cantrell, et al.

Committee: House Special Committee on Election Integrity


  • Allows UOCAVA (military and overseas) voters to vote in primaries and general elections by ranked-choice so that in the case of a primary or general election runoff, their vote in the runoff can be determined from their separate “special” ranked-choice ballot—that they submit at the same time as their regular ballot—instead of requiring UOCAVA voters to submit another absentee ballot for the runoff.
  • Mandates that all runoff elections, federal and state, will be held just 28 days after primary or general elections.
  • This bill is impractical, un-administrable, and has a poorly-drafted provision to schedule all runoff elections just 28 days after general elections.

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