ACLU of Georgia

Institute for Justice v Reilly

The ACLU of Georgia, represented by Caplan Cobb LLP, filed a friend of the court brief with the Georgia Supreme Court asking it to review a Court of Appeals determination that documents in the Georgia General Assembly offices are exempt from the state’s Open Records Act.

The offices of the General Assembly have long refused to comply with the Georgia Open Records Act, shielding their records from public scrutiny. This hinders the public’s and the ACLU of Georgia’s ability to effectively scrutinize and monitor the legislative process.

In the Open Records Act, the General Assembly expressed that transparent government and open records are the “strong public policy” of Georgia. The ACLU of Georgia asserted that this public policy should apply to the offices of the General Assembly just as it does to all other state offices that are not specifically exempted from the Open Records Act.

The Georgia Supreme Court denied the ACLU of Georgia’s petition.




July 26, 2019


  •   Institute for Justice


  • Caplan Cobb LLP