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Judge denies bid to quash challenges to Georgia election law changes

By Dave Williams | Marietta Daily Journal | December 10, 2021

Man exiting Advance Voting polling location

A man walks out of Cobb County’s main elections office in Marietta Oct. 12.

AtlantaA federal judge has ruled a series of lawsuits challenging the election reform law the General Assembly enacted last March may move forward.


U.S. District Judge J.P. Boulee Thursday denied motions to dismiss suits filed by civil and voting rights group opposed to Senate Bill 202.


The controversial measure, which the Republican-controlled legislature passed along party lines, replaces the signature-match verification process for absentee ballots with an ID requirement, restricts the location of ballot drop boxes and prohibits non-poll workers from handing out food and drinks within 150 feet of voters standing in line.


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