ACLU of Georgia

Legal Actions


State v Hutzel

Correctional officers threatened Mr. Hoever with extreme violence in retaliation for his filing of grievances about their physical threats and abuse. A jury found that Mr. Hoever’s First Amendment rights were violated seven times but only provided $1 as compensation for the abuse of his rights.

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Harris v. Georgia Department of Corrections

The ACLU is seeking an injunction directing the Georgia Department of Corrections to immediately provide qualified American Sign Language interpreters, auxiliary aids and services, and reasonable modifications to deaf and hard of hearing individuals in prison. This lawsuit highlights how prison, probation, and parole systems fail deaf prisoners – leading deaf people to go to prison more often, stay longer, and return more quickly.

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Black Voters Matter Fund et al. v. Raffensperger

The ACLU of Georgia filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of Black Voters Matter challenging the constitutionality of requiring voters to buy postage stamps when submitting mail-in absentee ballots and mailing in absentee ballot applications. This is tantamount to a poll tax.

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