ACLU of Georgia

Letter to Secretary of State Warning About Using Government Resources to Promote His Campaign

On August 1, 2018, the American Civil Liberties Union of Georgia sent a letter to the Office of the Secretary of State warning that its official government app (“GA SOS”) directly links to his electoral campaign social media sites on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram thereby depriving Georgians of critical information they need regarding exercising their right to vote.[1]

The Office of the Secretary of State is responsible for providing critical voting information that Georgians need to exercise their sacred, constitutional right to vote.

[Screenshots at the end of this page. Click below to view video of the Secretary of State’s government app and campaign social media accounts.]

Government resources dedicated to the Secretary of State’s Office should be used to promote the sacred, constitutional right to vote of all Georgians and should never be used to promote anyone’s electoral campaign. 

The ACLU of Georgia letter urged the Secretary of State to remove the links to his campaign social media sites from the official government app as soon as possible.

This video is a campaign ad.