ACLU of Georgia

Letters to Georgia SOS and Ten Counties

Without providing one ounce of evidence for their claims, two out-of-state organizations — Public Interest Legal Foundation and Judicial Watch — sent letters to ten targeted Georgia counties asserting unfounded accusations that the counties had too many Georgia citizens on their voter rolls and should delete citizens’ voter registrations from the government records.

Ten counties received a letter from at least one of the out-of-state-organizations. Bryan, Fayette, Marion, McIntosh, Lee and Oconee Counties received letters from both Public Interest Legal Foundation and Judicial Watch. Columbia, Dekalb, Forsyth and Fulton Counties were targeted by one of the out-of-state organizations.

The ACLU of Georgia sent letters to the Georgia Secretary of State and each of the ten counties urging them to reject the Public Interest Legal Foundation and Judicial Watch letters, because those organizations made unfounded accusations in an attempt to bully local officials into removing Georgia citizens from the government voter rolls.  

“The Secretary of State must categorically reject this attempt by out-of-state organizations to bully our county officials into removing Georgians from the voter rolls,” said Sean J. Young, legal director for the ACLU of Georgia. “This is but the latest unpatriotic attempt to deprive our fellow Georgians of their sacred, fundamental right to vote.”