ACLU of Georgia

Op-ed: The Message from Macon

By Andrea Young , Executive Director



Andrea Young

March 14, 2017

This past Saturday, the ACLU of Georgia joined the people of Macon to send a powerful message: that all Georgians deserve to be treated equally under the law — regardless of their color, creed, sexual orientation or gender identity. The March on Macon, organized by local college students and endorsed by the Macon-Bibb County Commission, raised awareness about the need to strengthen Georgia’s currently weak civil rights protections so that they protect all people, including LGBT Georgians, from discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations.

Legislation that would achieve this goal has been introduced in both chambers of the Georgia General Assembly, but progress in the capitol has stalled. This makes the leadership of local communities like Macon all the more important. By passing nondiscrimination protections at the local level, Georgia municipalities have an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to diversity and inclusion and build a more vibrant and prosperous future for all.

Macon Unity Day is just one example of how Georgians are rallying to defend our most cherished civil liberties. At grassroots action events across the state, Georgians came together to watch the ACLU’s national resistance training and the launch of our new grassroots mobilization platform, People Power. The ACLU of Georgia’s membership has grown exponentially, and our first Freedom School volunteer training reached capacity within just 24 hours of its announcement.

The ACLU of Georgia will continue to stand with the people of Macon and all Georgians to oppose discrimination and ensure the fundamental freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution are afforded to everyone within our borders.

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