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Press Advisory: ACLU Launches 50-State People Power “Let People Vote” Campaign

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 28, 2017
Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato 

ATLANTA – The American Civil Liberties Union is launching a 50-state campaign to restore Americans’ voting rights through its People Power grassroots platform. The campaign will be launched at an in-person event on October 1 in Lawrence, Kansas and live streamed to hundreds of house parties in all fifty states, including in Georgia.

The campaign will involve initiatives individually-tailored to each state and taken up by grassroots activists, working in concert with ACLU state affiliate offices.

The focus of the ACLU of Georgia campaign will be to end partisan gerrymandering which allows elected officials to manipulate district lines to impact the outcome of elections, combat illegal voter purges, and expand voting rights with same-day voter registration.


Launch of ACLU “Let People Vote” campaign: livestreaming the voting rights issue briefing and advocacy training


ACLU experts via livestream


Sunday, October 1. Livestream starts at 7:00 p.m. ET

WHERE and events around the state

“Here in Georgia, the sacred, fundamental right to vote is under attack from state election officials here at home as well as from out-of-state organizations,” said Andrea Young, ACLU of Georgia Executive Director. “We are launching the Let People Vote campaign to mobilize Georgians in their own communities to protect and expand voting rights and to defeat all attempts to deprive U.S. citizens of their cherished constitutional right to vote.”

Protecting the fundamental right to vote has been a central priority for the ACLU of Georgia. The organization has scored numerous victories in the courts and in the capitol. The ACLU of Georgia has successfully:

  • blocked discriminatory polling place closures in communities of color,

  • forced the Georgia Secretary of State restore to the active voter rolls nearly 160,ooo Georgia voters who moved within their counties, and

  • defeated a last-minute attempt by legislators to manipulate district lines.

The organization also recently teamed up with Common Cause Georgia on a statewide tour to raise awareness about gerrymandering. The launch event will take place in Kansas, home state to Kris Kobach, chair of President Trump’s so-called “Presidential Commission on Election Integrity.” Kobach has attempted to enact numerous voting restriction measures and has faced legal action from the ACLU each time.

ACLU experts will explain the current state of play nationally on voting rights and offer brief training on voting rights advocacy. Following the program, those gathered at house parties will work together to create local voting rights campaigns, which will then be coordinated and tracked through ACLU state affiliates.

The Let People Vote campaign will consist of location-specific calls to action in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. These calls to action fall within four themes: election reforms to update our voting system and make voting easier; countering voter suppression schemes designed to keep people away from ballot boxes; voter restoration policies that give voting rights back to people who have served their time and are returning to their communities and want the chance to fully participate in society; and redistricting reforms to stop corrosive partisan gerrymandering.

ACLU’s People Power platform was launched in March 2017 via an in-person event in Miami with over 2,000 attendees that was live-streamed to over 2,300 house parties. The initial People Power project, Freedom Cities, has resulted in numerous pro-immigrant local laws passed across the country.

For more information about People Power and see a map of nationwide events, visit: