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Press Advisory: Faith Leaders on Georgia’s Gubernatorial Election: Count EVERY Vote


Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato


Bishop Reginald T. Jackson, Presiding Prelate of the more than 500 AME Churches in Georgia
Rabbi Peter Berg, The Temple
Bishop Thomas Brown, CME Church
Imam Sharieff Abdul Mohammed
Phyllis Blake, President of the Georgia NAACP
Sen. Lester Jackson, President of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus 

Press Conference 
11:30am on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 
Rotunda of the Georgia State Capitol
Faith leaders will 
 express their disappointment with Gov. Nathan Deal and other state officials who “rushed” to name Brian Kemp as governor-elect before the votes of all Georgia’s citizens had been counted, and
 offer a solution that ensures that Georgia citizens have confidence in the credibility of the election results
“We call upon our new secretary of state and all of our state officials to refrain from rushing to certify this election, simply to meet an arbitrary deadline until such time that they assure every voting citizen that all ballots have been received and accurately counted,” said Bishop Reginald T. Jackson, Presiding Prelate of the AME Church in Georgia.
“The people of this state have a right to know why voters in predominantly minority, urban, and low-income communities experienced a dispropor-tionate number of irregularities on election day. From late poll openings to voting machine malfunctions to poll workers providing wrong information to voters, there are too many unanswered questions,” Bishop Jackson continued. 
“These are only a few of a multitude of questions being asked. Only when every vote is counted and correct answers provided will this election have credibility amid the much-justified skepticism among the citizens of Georgia.”