ACLU of Georgia

Press Release: ACLU of Georgia Condemns Administration’s ICE Raids on Families


Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato

ATLANTA – At a political campaign rally in Florida on Monday, President Trump announced that he intended for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to deport “millions” of families who have immigrated to the United States.  

“The White House policies torment communities and families for political gain and betray common human decency, the American Dream, and the U.S. Constitution,” said Andrea Young, Executive Director of the ACLU of Georgia. “Disrupting families and communities affects every one of us as Georgians and Americans. As a mother and a grandmother, I cannot bear the thought of the government traumatizing children and their families. It is horrifying, wrong, and fundamentally unAmerican.”

Know your rights if ICE is at your door.
Conoce tus derechos si agentes del ICE llegan a tu puerta