ACLU of Georgia

Press Statement: ACLU of Georgia Promotes Ending Money Bail at Justice Day 2018 Event


Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato

ATLANTA – Joining a coalition of 29 other social justice organizations to participate in Justice Day 2018 at the Georgia Freight Depot today to promote criminal justice reform, the ACLU of Georgia promotes ending money bail.   

“The ACLU of Georgia supports the bipartisan, national effort to end money bail as it currently exists. Keeping people in jail, because they are too poor to post a money bond is deeply out of step with American principles,” stated Burrell Ellis, Political Director for the affiliate. “Georgia taxpayers spend hundreds of millions per year to hold innocent people in jail. That money is better spent on housing, healthcare, and transportation.”

“For low-level, nonviolent offenses, many should never be arrested in the first place. An arrest record denies people access to housing, jobs, and education which hurts families and communities,” Ellis continued. “We urge legislators to bring equity and fairness to Georgia’s justice system.”

Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato,