ACLU of Georgia

Press Statement: ACLU of Georgia Responds to Reports Regarding the 53,000 Voters With Pending Registrations Due to Exact Match Law


Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato

ATLANTA – In response to media reports regarding the 53,000 voters whose voter registration applications are deemed “pending” because of the Exact Match law, the ACLU of Georgia issues the following statement.  

“The Secretary of State’s Office has confirmed that if your voter registration application is deemed ‘pending’ because of the exact match law, you can still cast a regular ballot IF you provide photo identification at the polls which substantially reflects the name you used on your voter registration form,” stated Sean J. Young, Legal Director of the ACLU of Georgia. “Though the ACLU of Georgia strongly opposes the discriminatory exact-match law passed by Georgia politicians, we must focus on ensuring that all registered voters come out to vote. We reiterate that all voters who have pending registration applications can still cast a regular ballot by presenting photo identification.” 

Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato,