ACLU of Georgia

Press Statement: The ACLU of Georgia Statement on Judicial Candidate’s “Political Prosecution”


Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato

ATLANTA – “A recently published statement by Ken Shigley, one of only two candidates running for an open seat on the Georgia Court of Appeals, highlights the importance of electing principled judges and prosecutors who take seriously their charge to pursue justice and not merely to secure convictions at all costs,” says Burrell Ellis, Political Director of the ACLU of Georgia.

“Mr. Shigley has acknowledged that he once participated in a ‘political prosecution’ against a young black college student who was working on voter registration in the African-American community in Douglas County. The young man was convicted, and Shigley says he ‘just filed it away,’” Ellis continued.
“We encourage every Georgia voter to vote the entire ballot, and not forget that judges and prosecutors have a responsibility to uphold justice and do what is right, because the decisions they make have a tremendous impact on people’s lives.”

Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato,