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American Physicians Speak Out

Let Her Decide #1 is focused on women who remember the situation for women pre-Roe.

Let Her Decide #2 is focused on women who matured after Roe v Wade became law.

“Stop. The. Bans. American Physicians Speak Out” is an ACLU of Georgia original video series on the impact that an abortion ban would have on women’s healthcare. 

“Since the Georgia legislature passed the abortion ban, we have received questions about what it means for women’s healthcare. We went to the experts – American physicians who provide healthcare for women – and asked them what an abortion ban would mean for their practice,” said Andrea Young, executive director of the ACLU of Georgia.

“We asked physicians in a number of different disciplines out of the awareness that the effect of this law went far beyond limiting or eliminating access to abortion care, as detrimental as that would be by itself. This law has even greater implications for women to access to healthcare, period.” 

The series includes 19 physicians from diverse disciplines: obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, emergency medicine, family medicine, psychiatry, psychology, internal medicine, maternal fetal medicine, and oncology. 

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American Physicians Speak Out

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