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SB 69 – Repeal of automatic voter registration

SB 69 – Repeal of automatic voter registration

Sponsored by: Jeff Mullins, et al 

Committee: Senate Committee on Ethics 


  • SB 69 eliminates Georgia’s automatic voter registration (AVR) system, which registers voters or updates voter registration information when eligible Georgians apply for a driver’s licenses, renews driver’s licenses, or submit change of address information with the Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS). 
  • Under the current system, Georgians who submit information through DDS will automatically be registered to vote unless they indicate that they are opting out of registering to vote by checking a box, and will have their voter registration information updated upon any change of address submitted to DDS. 
  • SB 69 would instead require that Georgians who obtain a driver’s license, renew their license, or change their address
    1. “affirmatively and specifically” indicate that they want to register to vote; and 
    2. affirm that any change of address should serve as a change of address for voter registration purposes as well.

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