ACLU of Georgia

The Local Take: ACLU Georgia and Your Rights During Coronavirus

By Kiplyn Primus | WCLK | April 5, 2020 

This week for WCLK’s The Local Take(Saturday mornings at 8am) I reached out to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Georgia about our civil liberties during a pandemic.  I spoke with Andrea Young, Director of Georgia ACLU.  In March when our communities first started being put under shelter-in-place orders the ACLU expressed their concerns with a letter delivered to Governor Kemp. After learning that the rules are based on science they relaxed their concerns.

Now the ACLU is focused on incarcerated citizens who cannot self isolate or practice social distancing. They are advocating to free citizens who are incarated because they cannot pay bail, or are being held for non-violent  misedmeanors.  In some local jails, incarcerated citizens don’t have access to running water.  We have all learned that social distancing is necessary and most of our local jails are overcrowded.  This puts those in jail at a disadvantage in avoiding transference of the virus. 

Additionally she spoke about the upcoming primary election taking place on May 19th.  They are watching conditions to make sure that citizens have equal access to the ability to vote in the primary.

COVID-19 and your rights. Any response to the Coronavirus should be grounded in science and public health while preserving civil liberties.

The ACLU of Georgia fighting for our Civil Liberties in a pandemic.