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At the 2021 National Black Caucus Of State Legislators Conference, Andrea Young, executive director of the ACLU of Georgia, moderated a conversation with Amb. Andrew Young and Christopher Bruce, policy director of the ACLU of Georgia.


 Redistricting News & Information

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Every 10 years, congressional district maps are redrawn based on the new census data on the population. This process, known as redistricting, is taking place across the country right now. This episode of LET’S CONNECT draws a line from the beginnings of redistricting in this country, following different attempts by Congress and the courts to regulate the process, and connects this history to how Supreme Court decisions have and are having an effect on redistricting today. Click for more information on redistricting.

Say Their Names

View the In Memoriam for the victims of the unjust racial killings and mass shootings in our nation.

2021 Legislative Session

In the aftermath of the 2020 November election cycle and the 2021 Georgia State Legislative Session, the civil rights and liberties of Georgia remain at stake.

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