ACLU of Georgia

Press Advisory: ACLU of Georgia to Speak at March on Georgias


Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato

More than 200 years ago, some of my ancestors were held in slavery in Clarke, County, Georgia. Two hundred years later, we are still fighting to be free and equal. 

So, I am not happy to be here.I am not happy to be here fighting for due process and racial justice after more than 200 years of giving blood, sweat, and tears to make Georgia a place where Black Lives Matter.

Fighting to repeal a Citizen’s Arrest Law passed in 1866 – used then and now – to oppress Black people. Today, it’s used to justify killing Ahmaud Arbery for jogging while Black.

Fighting for access to the ballot box – because voter suppression in Georgia is stealing the sacred right to vote for which we have fought to secure through unnecessary pain and sorrow over too many decades.

We are right now arguing in federal court to strike down a Georgia law that would take away a woman’s right to decide for herself private healthcare decisions free of government interference.

Fighting police misconduct and violence – so that there will never again be Ahmaud Arberys, Breonna Taylors, George Floyds, Rayshard Brooks.

And fighting to reform a criminal legal system that is choking the life out of Black communities.

I am not happy that our children have to take to the streets to fight for their lives.

I am proud of their courage and persistence.

I am proud to stand with them and fight for them, today and every day.