ACLU of Georgia

Press Release: ACLU of Georgia Demands Full Investigation Into New Allegation of Water Contamination at Cobb County Detention Center


Media contact: Ana Maria Rosato

Allegedly, only after family members repeatedly called the detention center and 9-1-1, did the Sheriff Department move the impacted individuals to a different part of the jail. 

“In addition to a full investigation into the water contamination at the Cobb County Detention Center, we demand the Sheriff’s Office conduct appropriate comprehensive medical exams of each person who may have been affected to determine what health impact may have occurred from consuming the toxins in the water,” said Christopher Bruce, political director of the ACLU of Georgia. “Everyone in this community should be alarmed over the inhumane and unacceptable conditions at the jail.”

In December, the ACLU of Georgia and other community organizations hosted a standing-room-only town hall in Cobb County regarding the lockdown and seven deaths at the detention center. Click here to watch the Facebook Live of the event.